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Full list of all equipment:[edit | edit source]

Armor[edit | edit source]

Abraxas Boots
Abraxas Chest
Abraxas Gloves
Abraxas Helmet
Abraxas Leggings
Abraxas Shield
Adamantite Boots
Adamantite Chest
Adamantite Gloves
Adamantite Helmet
Adamantite Leggings
Adamantite Shield
Black Boots
Black Chest
Black Gloves
Black Helmet
Black Leggings
Black Shield
Bronze Boots
Bronze Chest
Bronze Gloves
Bronze Helmet
Bronze Leggings
Dragon Boots
Dragon Chest
Dragon Gloves
Dragon Helmet
Dragon Leggings
Dragon Shield
Iron Boots
Iron Chest
Iron Gloves
Iron Helmet
Iron Leggings
Mithril Boots
Mithril Chest
Mithril Gloves
Mithril Helmet
Mithril Leggings
Mithril Shield
Phantom Boots
Phantom Chest
Phantom Gloves
Phantom Helmet
Phantom Leggings
Phantom Shield
Rune Boots
Rune Chest
Rune Gloves
Rune Helmet
Rune Leggings
Rune Shield
Steel Boots
Steel Chest
Steel Gloves
Steel Helmet
Steel Leggings
Steel Shield

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Bronze 2H Staff
Bronze 2H Sword
Bronze Bow
Bronze Sword
Iron 2H Staff
Iron 2H Sword
Iron Bow
Black 2H Staff
Black 2H Sword
Black Bow
Steel 2H Staff
Steel 2H Sword
Steel Bow
Steel Sword
Mithril 2H Staff
Mithril 2H Sword
Mithril Bow
Mithril Sword
Adamantite 2H Staff
Adamantite 2H Sword
Adamantite Bow
Adamantite Sword
Rune 2H Staff
Rune 2H Sword
Rune Bow
Rune Katana
Rune Sword
Dragon 2H Staff
Dragon 2H Sword
Dragon Bow
Dragon Katana
Dragon Sword
Abraxas 2H Staff
Abraxas 2H Sword
Abraxas Bow
Abraxas Katana
Abraxas Sword
Phantom 2H Staff
Phantom 2H Sword
Phantom Bow
Phantom Katana
Phantom Sword

Rings and Amulets[edit | edit source]

Gold Ring
Emerald Ring
Ruby Ring
Dragon Amulet
Gold Amulet
Ruby Amulet