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This page is a copy of recent updates published on the official website or from github patch notes. Any undocumented changes will be listed under "Ravenfall 2 Wiki Notes".

Patch Notes - v0.7.6.9a[edit | edit source]

31 August 2021


  • Fixed a bug causing dungeon bosses in the new dungeon to be spawned outside the dungeon.
  • You can now use the free camera in the dungeon by pressing LEFT CTRL+TAB or LEFT SHIFT+TAB. And then toggle back to the normal dungeon camera with just TAB.

This is a smaller update, but was vital to get the Dungeon working properly.

Patch Notes - v0.7.6.8a[edit | edit source]

30 August 2021


  • Fixed a bug causing new dungeon to select enemies from Luna's Tickle Basement causing players to get stuck.
  • Fixed Raid Bosses would spawn mid air.
  • Fixed A bug that could cause raid boss to not end even after it had been killed.
  • Fixed a bug causing older players to spawn mid air when joining in.
  • Fixed a bug causing player state data not loading the character ID properly after reload. This would cause the main character to rejoin instead of the actual playing character. (Please let me know if it still occurs after this update)
  • (Not properly tested) Changed the algorithm for determing target when training healing. This will favor other players over yourself as long as you got more health (in %) than the target player.
  • (Not properly tested) Possible fix for !raid and !raidwar, not properly tested. Please try and see if it works. An error caused players not to joining in properly.

Patch Notes - v0.7.6.7a (Hotfix 2)[edit | edit source]

29 August 2021


  • Player state file should now store player id rather than user id. This will allow correct character to be pulled back in after a reload.
  • Adjusted the health and stats from enemies in the new dungeon to make it more fierce
  • Enemies in the new dungeons will now yield exp based on the stats and not a fixed value.
  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in the new dungeon because they were targeting old non existing enemies
  • Fixed players that was in the Onsen would not be teleported into the dungeon properly
  • Fixed the new dungeon to use its proper item drop list
  • Fixed the requirement of restarting/reloading the game after setting the options for patron benefits (multiplier for subscriber only or everyone)
  • Fixed hut village information text file to be properly up to date with the current village bonus state

Patch Notes - v0.7.5.7a[edit | edit source]

Please ensure that your client is restarted and is up to date before you continue your session to prevent character progression loss.

Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug causing raided players to be lost after a reload. This could also lead to players having issues joining. Especially if the player was part of the raid.
  • Fixed some of the texts that was showing with transparent blocks in the game UI.
  • Fixed the wrong tooltip being shown for healing skill
  • Fixed the dock position on kyo island. You will now wait on the dock when waiting for the ferry
  • Fixed the signposts blocking players on the Home island
  • Fixed some issues regarding the pubsub / channel point rewards not properly connecting if the bot was started before the game. (Note: bot still only connects to the game and gets the pubsub info after user has logged in to the game and a user uses a chat command)

New Additions[edit | edit source]

  • Added lights to kyo island

Patch Notes - v0.4.7a[edit | edit source]

Please ensure that your client is restarted and is up to date before you continue your session to prevent character progression loss.

Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • The Barracks building now buffs properly according to a player’s health level instead of their current health.
  • The Raven pet is now aligned to the correct position with the player. It’s still on their training wheels, so please bear with us!

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Dungeon bosses are now scaled based upon how many players have joined the session.
  • Raid boss difficulty has been reduced down from 25% to 10%.

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • New command: !reload — This will trigger the game to reload to resolve stuck bosses (dungeons/raids) and other unintended game behaviours such as when the game doesn’t automatically save the current session (game client “dies”) after running the .exe client for a prolonged period. This command can only be used by the following roles: Broadcaster, Moderator, Game Moderator or Game Administrator. This same command behaviour can also be triggered in the game client by selecting the `F5` key.
  • New command: !multiplier — This will show the current EXP multiplier in the session, maximum possible multipliers and amount of bits cheered. The server will now continuously send updates related to your village information every 5 seconds and permissions for every 60 seconds. This method allows the client to resolve itself in case it has never received the maximum multiplier information when first triggered. It will take at least 60 seconds for the server to retry and send.

Message for staff[edit | edit source]

We are well aware of the current issue with how much resources the game is using up on your computer. This will be resolved as soon as possible. Thank you all for your patience and understanding. Keep slaying, adventurers!

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