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Information on this page refers to the Legacy Client Ravenfall 1.0. While Ravenfall 2.0 will be similar all the information here may not translate exactly.

General[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Your character's stats and equipment are stored on the Ravenfall website, and will persist even if you change which streamer's server you are playing on. You can join with your character anywhere Ravenfall is being played.

For a guide on how to install the game as a streamer, see How to Install. You can also access the Streamers Control guide.

Joining a Game[edit | edit source]

Simple commands to join a game and find your character.

!join (optional: !join 1 !join 2 !join 3) Join and play the game. This is required before you can do anything in the game. !join will bring your first character, !join 1 or !join 2 will bring your second character, and !join 3 will bring your third character. If you do not have a character already generated when you type the command, the game will generate a new character for you with a randomly generated appearance. You can go to the Ravenfall website to modify its appearance. (E.G. If you only have two characters and type !join 3, the game will generate a new character for you in the third character slot.) You can only play on a server with one character at a time, but each character can be assigned to its own server.

!leave Leave the game. Although joining a different server will automatically move your character from its current server, it is always recommended that you leave a game before joining a new one.

!where The game will tell you the current location of your character.

!stuck (optional: !unstuck) If your character is stuck, this will send your character to the nearest dock.

!show or !show [name] This is a mods-only command that will immediately show a character on stream.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Provides information on your character.

!stats Check the current stats of your character: skill level and progress towards the next level.

!stats [skill name] Check the stats of an individual skill.

!res Check the number of resources your character currently has: wood, ore, fish, wheat, and coin.

!town (or !village) Checks the current village boost granted by its huts. The streamer sets up buildings, proportional to the village level, to grant leveling bonuses to one or more skills, and assigns a player to each building as a mentor who will increase the village bonus, based on their level in the skill being boosted.

!multiplier Checks your current EXP multiplier, figuring in scroll boosts, Patreon tier rewards, village hut bonuses, and the rested multiplier.

Changing Appearances[edit | edit source]

Changes your active pet and whether your helmet is visible.

!toggle helmet Toggle the visibility of your helmet, if you have one. This does not affect the stats of the player and is only cosmetic.

!toggle pet Switch to another pet in your inventory.

!pet [pet name] Change your active pet to the indicated pet, if it is in your inventory.

Gift User[edit | edit source]

This will allow you to give items to other users.

!gift [username] [item name] (optional: x[amount]) This will gift the item to the user. If the amount indicated is greater than the quantity of the item in your inventory, you will only gift the actual amount you possess.

Training your Combat skills[edit | edit source]

It is important train your attack and defense skills if you wish to equip better weapons and armors. Health increases whenever you train a combat skill and cannot be trained by itself.

!train all Trains all three melee skills at once: attack, defense, and strength. Your exp will be split evenly between all three skills.

!train atk Trains attack. Attack is required for equipping better melee weapons. It also increases your chance of inflicting maximum damage, and counters your opponent's defense skill.

!train def Trains defense. Defense is required for equipping better armors. It also decreases the chance your opponent will inflict maximum damage.

!train str Trains strength. Strength increases your maximum melee damage.

!train magic Trains magic. Magic utilizes a staff to attack enemies at range, and enables you to equip better staves. It does not require attack to improve your chance to hit.

!train ranged Trains ranged. Ranged utilizes a bow for ranged attacks, and allows you to equip better bows. It does not require attack to improve your chance to hit.

!train healing Trains healing. Healing is a support skill restores health to a nearby player with the lowest health. Staves greatly increase your healing.

Training your Gathering skills[edit | edit source]

Increasing your gathering skills will increase the amount of resources yielded while training. It will also increase your resource yield when participating in raids. If you train a noncombat skill during a dungeon or raid, your level in that skill will determine your melee stats, and you will receive extra EXP for that skill.

!train mining Yields ore resources for crafting.

!train woodcutting Yields wood resources for crafting.

!train fishing Yields fish resources for cooking.

!train farming Yields wheat resources for cooking.

Crafting equipment[edit | edit source]

Increasing your crafting skill will unlock items you can craft. You must be training crafting in order to craft an item. If you train crafting during a dungeon or raid, your crafting level will determine your melee stats, and you will receive extra crafting EXP.

!train crafting Training crafting will convert wood into wood planks, and ore into ingots at a rate of 10/1 every 10 seconds. This causes crafting to level much more quickly.

!craft [item name] Craft an item of the specified type and material. If you specify a type of item (ex: boots, 2h sword) but not the material (ex: iron, rune, phantom), you will craft the best item you can both craft and equip. If you are crafting someone else, you should always specify the item you wish to craft.

!craft armor This will craft the best armor piece you can equip, favoring upgrades. For example, if you don't have a helmet, it will craft a helmet. If you currently have a helmet but are able to craft an upgrade, you will craft the best possible helmet you can both craft and equip.

!craft weapon Crafts the best weapon you can craft and equip.

!craft ring Crafts the best ring you can craft and equip.

!craft amulet Crafts the best amulet you can craft and equip.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Equipment must be equipped before you can use it. Crafted equipment will not auto equip.

!equip all Equips every slot with the best item from your inventory that you are able to equip.

!equip [item name] Equips a specific item from your inventory, if you are able to equip it.

!unequip all Unequips all items currently equipped, moving them to your inventory.

!unequip [item name] Unequips a specific item, moving it to your inventory.

Cooking[edit | edit source]

In a future update, you will be able to cook consumable items. For now, you can still train your cooking skill. If you train cooking during a dungeon or raid, your cooking level will determine your melee stats, and you will receive extra cooking EXP.

!train cooking Training cooking consumes wheat and fish. This causes cooking to level much more quickly.

Sailing[edit | edit source]

You can train sailing by sailing between islands, or by sailing with no set destination. If the captain seat is free, you will grab it and start dancing! You do not need to meet all level requirements of an island to train there, just the skill you are training. With the exception of Heim, you can train any combat skill as long as your combat level is high enough for the current island.

!sail home Sails to the home island.

Level requirements: Combat 1, Cooking 1, Crafting 1, Farming 1, Fishing 1, Mining 1, Woodcutting 1.

!sail away Sails to the pirate island. There is a 1.33x EXP multiplier here.

Level requirements: Combat 50, Cooking 50, Crafting 50, Farming 65, Fishing 70, Mining 75, Woodcutting 90.

!sail ironhill Sails to the island of dragons. There is a 1.66x EXP multiplier here.

Level requirements: Combat 75, Crafting 75, Woodcutting 100, Mining 125.

!sail kyo Sails to the samurai island, which is also where the Onsen is located. There is a 2.5x EXP multiplier here.

Level requirements: Combat 200, Noncombat skills 200.

!sail heim Sails to the home of the vikings. There is a 5x EXP multiplier here.

Level requirements: 300 all skills.

!sail Sail without a destination. You will keep sailing the seven seas until you feel content and disembark.

!disembark Feeling seasick? Disembark at the closest island. This will stop your character from sailing as soon as they reach a dock.

Fighting other players[edit | edit source]

In the future, there will be an open PVP area that you can join to fight players for rewards. Right now, you will have to settle with duels and arena. Hmpf!

!duel [player name] Sends a duel request to a player for a 1-on-1 fight. Great if you want to relieve some stress against someone else. If you already have an active request from that player, you can accept a duel with this command as well.

!duel accept Accepts a pending duel request.

!duel decline Rejects a pending duel request.

!arena Join in the arena to fight a free-for-all type of PvP. Last person standing wins! You can only join the arena while on the home island.

Raids, Dungeons, and Scrolls[edit | edit source]

Raid bosses and dungeons become available every 15-50 minutes. A raid boss or dungeon can also be initiated by anyone with a raid or dungeon scroll. If you change the skill you are training during a raid or dungeon, you will revert back after the fight is over.

Scrolls are purchased from the loyalty page by spending loyalty points. You gain loyalty points by participating in a streamer's Ravenfall server. Moderators and subscribers earn loyalty at an increased rate.

!raid Joins the active raid and teleports the player to the appropriate island. You can only join a raid if a boss has more than 10% health. When the raid is over, the player is teleported back.

!raid start Consumes a raid scroll and spawns a raid boss for the players to fight.

!dungeon Queues up to join the active dungeon. You can only join a dungeon before it has begun. If you die during the dungeon, you will be teleported back to where you were training, but you will still receive rewards if it is concluded. When the dungeon is over, the player is teleported back.

!dungeon start Consumes a dungeon scroll and initiates a new dungeon for players to join.

!exp Consumes an EXP scroll and adds to the current EXP multiplier, as well as extending the current duration. This applies to all servers, though it is also extended for an individual streamer if viewers subscribe, gift a subscription, or donate bits (a subscription adds 5 minutes, 100 bits adds 1 minute). The maximum multiplier is x100.

!scrolls Checks how many of each type of scroll your character currently has.

Raiding streamers[edit | edit source]

Broadcasters Only: Whenever you're done streaming, as usual, you have the option to raid someone! Alternatively, you can leave your client running while the stream is offline and players will continue to play and gain EXP.

!raid [streamer name] Bring all your players into the target streamer's Ravenfall server without having them use the !join command. These players will have your logo/profile picture above their names in-game.

!raidwar [streamer name] Much like !raid, this will bring all players to another streamer's server, but it will declare war against them and both sides will clash and fight each other. A great fun event for whenever you raid a streamer with an equal amount of players.

Accessing the marketplace[edit | edit source]

The marketplace is global and persists over time. Multiple streamers can have players buying and selling items to the same marketplace.

To see all marketplace listings you can open the item database

!buy [item name] [amount] [max buy price per item] Buys the number of items from the marketplace matching the item name and amount provided. You will always buy the cheapest items on the marketplace. The buy amount can be specified, but if left out you will only purchase one. The max price can be defined by using postfix like 10k, available postfixes: k,m,b.

!sell [item name] [amount] [max sell price per item] Puts an item on the marketplace matching the item name provided. The sell amount can be specified, but if left out you will only post one. The max price can be defined by using postfix like 10k, available postfixes: k,m,b.

Selling to Vendor[edit | edit source]

If you need coins quickly, you can always sell your items to the vendor. The items will cease to exist.

!vendor [item name] (optional: [amount]) Sells the item(s) to the vendor.

!value [item name] Checks the number of coins you will receive for selling the item to the vendor.

Streamers: Free camera mode (Out of Potato)[edit | edit source]

Using free camera mode will help you get around the map and see areas that you can not see from just playing the game.

ctrl + tab To switch to free camera mode.

w + a + s + d To move your camera.

hold right-click on mouse To look around with your camera.

left click On town hall to show stats.

left click On poles will allow you to build huts.

When you are in free camera mode:

press ctrl + shift + {number} (optional: 1 2 3) to save your current camera position & location.

press {number} (optional: 1 2 3) to go to the corresponding saved camera position & location.

This is very handy for jumping between islands.

Tic Tac Toe (Tavern Game) "Free camera mode"[edit | edit source]

Play Tic Tac Toe with your viewers. In order to see the game, you need to use free camera mode to go inside the tavern.

!ttt reset or !tictactoe reset Reset the current game.

!ttt 1-9 or !tictactoe 1-9 Make your move on any of the grid slots between 1 to 9.