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Most of Ravenfall is played in a PvE, or "Player versus Environment" setting, where players level up by battling Non-Player Characters (NPCs).

Open World[edit | edit source]

In the open world, players train combat skills against enemies found on the following islands.

Level Enemy Island
1 Rabbits Home
15 Cows Home
30 Bugs Home
50 Pirates Away
75 Dragons Ironhill
200 Samurai Kyo
300 Vikings Heim

Killing enemies yields EXP for the combat skill currently being trained. They do not drop loot.

Dungeons and Raids[edit | edit source]

At random intervals, dungeons or raids will appear. Players can participate by typing !dungeon or !raid.

Dungeons cannot be joined after they have begun, and players cannot rejoin if they die.

Raids can be joined at any time, until the boss goes below 10%.