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How to Set up Ravenfall for Streaming[edit | edit source]

System Requirements:

  • Windows

STEP 1 - Download the Client[edit | edit source]

Download the Ravenfall client: Use 7-zip or a similar software to unzip Ravenfall into your game folder.

Ensure you are unzipping into a new directory called “Ravenfall”.

STEP 2 - 2FA (optional)[edit | edit source]

This step is only needed if you want to use your own account, or a custom bot, as the game bot (see below).

Set up Two-Factor Authentication for your Twitch account:

STEP 3 - Set a Password[edit | edit source]

Head to and set a password for your Ravenfall account if you haven’t already.

This password is ONLY used for the Ravenfall client. It’s not the same thing as logging into the Ravenfall website to access your Ravenfall character stats.

STEP 4 - Log In[edit | edit source]

Open the Ravenfall client and log in, using your Twitch username and the password you just set.

You should now see the village on Home island.

STEP 5 - Twitch Chat[edit | edit source]

Open your Twitch channel chat (you can use your Streamlabs,[username], or[username]/chat), and type !join.

You should get a response from RavenfallOfficial, and your character should be visible in the client.

STEP 6 - Disable Fullscreen[edit | edit source]

Take Ravenfall out of fullscreen mode by holding down alt + pressing enter.

Additional Notes and Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Ravenfall music is public domain and can be used on stream if you want.
  • The client must be running in order for characters to gain exp, even if the stream is offline.
  • Players can go to[username]/chat to input commands while you’re offline.
  • Ravenfall doesn’t have to be visible on the stream. Some Ravenfall streamers will keep the client going offscreen and viewers will input commands regardless, for example, if a raid or dungeon starts.
  • Ctrl + Tab puts the game into free camera mode. This is necessary in order to set the village bonuses. See Streamers Control for a full list of camera controls.
  • In free camera mode, you can fly to Home village and set the skill mentoring buildings. You must assign a mentor to each building, granting an exp boost to characters leveling that skill.
  • Try not to spread yourself too thin when choosing your village bonuses. A new server should probably focus on Barracks exclusively.
  • If you change the player list size, anytime you restart the client it will look like the player list has reverted to the default size. Open the UI settings and it will automatically go back to the size you chose.
  • Consider using Nightbot commands to provide game information to players, based on information in this wiki.

Local Bot Installation (optional)[edit | edit source]

⚠️ Ensure that the Twitch account that you are linking with Ravenfall has 2-factor Authentication turned on.

🔐 Setting up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

1. Open the Ravenfall folder and look for the settings-example.json file.

Right click on the file, find Open with, select WordPad.

2. Once you open the file with WordPad, it should look something like this:

  "twitchBotUsername": "bot username",
  "twitchBotAuthToken": "bot access token",
  "twitchChannel": "channel name"
  • Set the bot username to your personal Twitch bot (recommended) or your own Twitch account name. ⚠️ The name must be in lower-case letters. Make sure that the bot has Moderation permissions in your channel.
  • Set the bot access token to the Access Token you receive from Twitch Token Generator.

  • Set the channel name to your Twitch channel. ⚠️ The name must be in lower-case letters.

Save As... and rename your file to settings.json into your Ravenfall folder.