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Information on this page refers to the Legacy Client Ravenfall 1.0. While Ravenfall 2.0 will be similar all the information here may not translate exactly.

Streamer Controls[edit | edit source]

Ravenfall has key bindings that the streamer can trigger within the .exe game client.

Key Function
Tab Switch and observe between different players
i Toggle the information display next to player names
Ctrl + Tab Free camera mode
Ctrl + R Begin a raid
Ctrl + O Start a dungeon
F1 Toggle the UI on/off
F2 Toggle player info on/off
F5 Reset the entire client
SHIFT + Number Create and save a macro shortcut key into your client where you can quickly change things up as needed by simply selecting that number

Free camera mode[edit | edit source]

Using free camera mode will help you get around the map and see areas that you can not see from just playing the game.

Key Function
ctrl + tab Switch to free camera mode
w a s d Move your camera
Q E Pan camera up/down
+ - Speed up or slow down the free camera movement
* [ { Reset the camera speed value
ALT Activate slow motion during free camera mode
Hold right-click Look around with your camera
left click on town hall Show stats
left click on poles Build huts
ctrl + shift + {number 1 2 3} Save your current camera position & location
{number 1 2 3} Go to the corresponding saved camera position & location