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Your combat stats consist of Attack, Defense, Strength, Magic, Ranged, Healing, and Health.

Training your combat skills[edit | edit source]

It is important train your attack and defense skills if you wish to equip better weapons and armors. Health increases whenever you train a combat skill and cannot be trained by itself.

!train all Trains all three melee skills at once: attack, defense, and strength. Your exp will be split evenly between all three skills.

!train atk Trains attack. Attack is required for equipping better melee weapons. It also increases your chance of inflicting maximum damage, and counters your opponent's defense skill.

!train def Trains defense. Defense is required for equipping better armors. It also decreases the chance your opponent will inflict maximum damage.

!train str Trains strength. Strength increases your maximum melee damage.

!train magic Trains magic. Magic utilizes a staff to attack enemies at range, and enables you to equip better staves. It does not require attack to improve your chance to hit.

!train ranged Trains ranged. Ranged utilizes a bow for ranged attacks, and allows you to equip better bows. It does not require attack to improve your chance to hit.

!train healing Trains healing. Healing is a support skill restores health to a nearby player with the lowest health. Staves greatly increase your healing.

Combat Requirements[edit | edit source]

As you level your combat level you will unlock access to new enemies to train against. Your attack stat determines what weapons you can wield, defense determines what armor you can wield, magic determines which staff you can wield, and ranged determines what kind of bow you can wield.

Level Enemy Island
1 Rabbits Home
15 Cows Home
30 Bugs Home
50 Pirates Away
75 Dragons Ironhill
200 Samurai Kyo
300 Vikings Heim
Weapons/Armor Requirements
Level Equipment
1 Bronze
1 Iron
10 Steel
20 Black
30 Mithril
50 Adamantite
70 Rune
90 Dragon
120 Abraxas
150 Phantom
200 Lionsbane
280 Ether (only swords)
340 Ancient (only swords)