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Crafting[edit | edit source]

Crafting is used to turn materials and resources into items. You must be at a crafting table to have access to a crafting table, which you can access through the command !train crafting. Crafting is currently one of the best ways to make money as you can sell the items you make to the vendor or on the marketplace.

Training[edit | edit source]

While you are training crafting at a crafting table, you will consume ore and wood to create ore ingots and wooden planks.

!train crafting Trains your crafting skill. This is required before you can craft anything. This will also consume wood and ore resources over time.

Creating Equipment[edit | edit source]

You have access to the !craft command while you are training at a crafting table. You can use the !craft command to create items that you can either use, gift, sell to the vendor, or sell on the marketplace. To see a full list of what is available to craft and the materials required please visit the Items Page on the Ravenfall website.

!craft [item name] Crafts an item of the specific item type specified. You can craft weapon, armor, ring, amulet

!craft armor This will craft the best armor piece you can equip. Ex: if you don't have an helmet, it will craft an helmet. If your current helmet is not as good as the one you can craft. It will still craft a helmet.

!craft weapon Crafts a weapon.

!craft ring Crafts a ring that boosts your character combat stats.

!craft amulet Crafts a ring that boosts your character combat stats.

Crafting Requirements[edit | edit source]

Along with being at a crafting table and having the required materials, you must have the appropriate level to craft certain items. To see a full list of items you can craft, their required materials, and their level requirements please check out the Items Page